Reasons you need a lawyer for your company

Employing a lawyer to assist you in some circumstances might be very important because running a Company involves so much knowledge. There are numerous lawyers for diverse business law issues, and they may help you with various activities, connections, and problems. Smaller businesses only need to engage a lawyer when a crisis occurs, whereas other […]

Working hours and Overtime as per UAE Law

UAE Labour Law governs working hours in the UAE. In the UAE, overtime pay is computed using the base salary. Several positions frequently demand an employee to put in extra time, whether a person is eligible for overtime pay or not. It always relies on the employee’s position and the working schedule the organization has […]

Labour Disputes and Court : UAE

In a labour dispute, the employer and the employee are protected by law in the United Arab Emirates. Following a few simple steps, either party can file a labour complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). If a peaceful resolution is not feasible, the complaints will be looked at, resolved, or referred […]

FIDIC Contract in the UAE

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers is known as FIDIC. National associations of consulting engineers make up its membership. In addition to disseminating information and resources of interest to its members, FIDIC was established in 1913 to advance and implement the strategic goals of the consulting engineering business on behalf of its Member Associations. To […]

Early Leave Initiative by UAE

The UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has launched an ‘Early Leave’ initiative for all expat private sector employees which would allow them to temporarily return to their home country during the time that the Covid-19 precautionary measures are in effect in the UAE. The Initiative’s primary goal is to provide employers with […]

An Overview of End of Service Gratuity in the UAE

According to the UAE Labor Law, employees of UAE companies are entitled to certain benefits upon the end of service with these companies. The legislation provides for the following benefits: a notice period; payment for the unused vacation days; payment for extra hours; compensatory payments in case of early dismissal; end of service gratuity. Employees have defined […]

How do employees of free zones register a labor complaint?

You might work for a mainland corporation or a free zone if you are employed in the UAE. Employees working in free zones have their work permits issued by the free zone’s authorities. At the same time, businesses on the mainland are governed by state legislation, such as the new UAE Labour Law, and their […]

Employment Contracts and Duration in the United Arab Emirates

Employment Contracts The UAE Labour Law defines it as an agreement, either short-term or long-term, reached between an employer and an employee, whereby the employee agrees to work for the employer and under his control in exchange for compensation that the employer would provide him. The employment contracts should specify the starting date, type of […]

Privity of Contracts under the UAE Law

In the modern construction sector, subcontracting is common. Without hiring outside parties with different skills and capabilities to complete particular aspects of the works, it would almost likely be impossible for one contractor to deliver a construction project, especially if the project entails a certain level of complexity. However, from the standpoint of the project […]

Significant changes in the NEW LABOUR LAW in the UAE

Federal Decree – Law No. 33 of 2021 on the regulation of labour relations in the private sector came into force on February 2022. The law is designed to enhance employment rights and boost the competitiveness of the UAE as a place to live and work, helping the region to attract and retain world class talent. […]