How do employees of free zones register a labor complaint?

You might work for a mainland corporation or a free zone if you are employed in the UAE. Employees working in free zones have their work permits issued by the free zone’s authorities. At the same time, businesses on the mainland are governed by state legislation, such as the new UAE Labour Law, and their work permits are issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE). Because of this, the application procedure is different for workers for mainland companies if they want to submit a complaint against their employer for underpaid wages or not receiving compensation for overtime labor when employed in a free zone.

Employment Law in Free zones

Each free zone authority has its employment law, and employees are subject to the laws and regulations of their respective free zone authority, according to the official government webpage of the United Arab Emirates,

However, the official portal states that if you have an employment contract with a specific free zone authority, the terms of such employment contract must adhere to UAE labor law. The UAE has legislation to protect labor, consumer, and intellectual property rights, even though they are not frequently enforced. Owners of businesses risk penalties if they disregard these laws.

How may a labor complaint be made by a worker in free zones?

The online service is applicable for both the employer and employee. According to the service, the worker must have a referral letter from a free zone authority. The referral letter contains the reason the complaint and the details of the worker or employer.

There is no cost for registering a complaint online.

If an employer has violated the labour rights of a worker, the worker can file a case with MOHRE. But, there is separate online service portal for free zone employees on MOHRE’s website, compared to mainland workers.