Traffic Crimes: Is there a need of Criminal Lawyers?

Federal Law number 21 of 1995, which the UAE government enacted on traffic controls in the country, lists the penalty that violators of traffic laws will face. Clearly, the UAE has zero-tolerance standards for any hit-and-run incidents and requires all drivers involved in collisions to call the authorities at the scene of the collision.

According to Article 5 of the Traffic Law, the driver must call the police after a road accident and turn over any necessary documentation for the at-fault car, the other party involved in the collision, any injured parties, and any information regarding the damaged property. Importantly, if the police were not on the collision scene, the motorist must notify them within six hours. It is crucial to call the police to protect the victims’ rights, and even the smallest accident must be recorded for the victim to, if necessary, bring a legal lawsuit.

Marwa Al Reyami lawyers, would recommend that drivers in every traffic incident adopt the following actions:

  • To stop additional traffic on the road, the drivers of both the vehicles involved in the collision—those who caused it and those who were struck by the other—must move aside immediately. In a different scenario, if a motor vehicle strikes you as a pedestrian and the driver is attempting to flee the scene of the accident, you must quickly note the car’s license plate.
  • Second, you must call the police at 999 to request immediate assistance and send an ambulance to the scene of the accident. It’s important to note that you are permitted to capture photos and films of the damaged vehicle but not the person inside because it is against the law to do so according to cybercrime laws.
  • Importantly, it is never advised to leave the scene of an accident, and any driver who willfully leaves the scene of an accident faces a minimum fine of AED 500 and five points against their license.
  • Thirdly, once the police arrive at the scene of the accident, they will write an accident report that can then be given to the insurance provider to have the damage to the car claimed, or it can be used to start a case against the accused for paying blood money.

UAE Traffic Law of 1st July 2017

The government updated the Federal Road Law, which went into effect on July 1st, 2017, intending to lower traffic fatalities in the United Arab Emirates. The goal of the new laws and regulations is to decrease fatal accidents. Despite not directly bearing on hit-and-run incidents, the legislation has undergone some noteworthy changes. It provides a more precise definition of transgressions and elaborates strategies for reducing traffic infractions. The following changes are notable:

Mandatory Seat Belts For All: The new law made it compulsory for all passengers to wear seat belts, including those in rear seats. A child safety seat must be used for children up to four years. There are also clear guidelines for the person sitting on the front seat apart from the driver. The front seat passenger must be 145 cm tall and over the age of 10 years.

Reckless Driving: Reckless driving that endangers the lives of others may incur a fine of AED 2,000, 23 black points, and confiscation of vehicles for 60 days. Another violation involves jumping red signals, sudden swerving, blocking traffic, and driving without a number plate.

Driving Under the Influence: Anyone caught driving under the influence of a drug or narcotic substance can get their license suspended. The court finalizes the fine or jail term.

Traffic Signals: Jumping signals can cost you a fine of AED 1,000 and incur a penalty of 12 points. The vehicle can also get confiscated for a month.

Distractions: Using phones of other medium or distractions while driving can attract a fine of AED 400 and 4 black points.

Driver’s Behavior: The attitude and driver’s behavior also play a significant role for judges to make a decision in court. Suppose the accident happens when not leaving a safe distance between vehicles, violating technical and safety issues, using expired tires, driving without insurance, etc., can further complicate your hit and run case.

A driver who leaves the accident scene after inflicting injury to other people or other vehicles is subject to a fine of AED 25,000 and imprisonment under the Traffic Law. Alternatively, if you find yourself in this circumstance, you can get in touch with Marwa Al Reyami Lawyers and Legal Consultants to find out the legal repercussions of the accident based on the type of damage done.