To win your case, you need the best criminal attorneys in Dubai.

Experienced And Skilled

Being accused of a crime in Dubai, United Arab Emirates may be a terrible experience. If you are charged with a major offense and refuse the advice of an excellent criminal defense attorney in Dubai, you will be subject to harsh fines and may even go to jail. So it makes sense to seek the assistance of a qualified criminal attorney. Our Criminal Lawyer Services, Duties & Responsibilities>

A criminal lawyer’s primary responsibility is to provide legal representation to their clients; we work closely with them, from initial police investigations to court appearances. We are licensed to represent clients before all UAE courts, including; (a) Court of First Instance, (b) Court of Cassation, (c) Court of Appeals, and the (d) Federal Supreme Court. We also offer legal services, drafting legal documents and court memorandums, guidance, and support for clients in police stations.

Legal Consultation

Criminal defense attorneys are prepared to offer legal counsel on various 

issues. This covers all aspects of your case, from procedural issues like how to manage it or what questions to ask the judge to give you insight into your options and what might happen depending on several possible results. They can advise you on how to react if you are arrested, what to say to the police, and other things.

Bail And Pleadings

In addition to other pre- and post-trial hearings and concessions, we represent clients in appeals, bail hearings, and requests for bail. We help clients secure bail by writing legal memos and other pleas on their behalf.

Conducting Investigations

You might get help from criminal defense attorneys while you look into your case. Gathering information that might be relevant during a trial, such as witness testimonies or other documents, might be part of this. They could also aid in your preparation for any interviews with police enforcement.

Handling Communications With The Courts

Additionally, criminal defense attorneys handle all correspondence between their clients and the court. This includes making certain that all deadlines are met, submitting any necessary documents, and scheduling any court appearances. Criminal defense attorneys may present evidence in court on behalf of their clients if there is a trial or hearing. They can also offer guidance and coaching to assist you in getting ready for the proceedings.

Preparing Pleadings And Briefs

Criminal attorneys also write briefs, pleadings, and memoranda for their clients. This comprises court-related motions, letters, and other papers. On behalf of their clients, they may also file these documents with the court.

Preventing Charges From Being Filed

The process of charging someone after being arrested typically takes some time. To show the innocence of the “claimed” victim, a smart lawyer or advocate can use this fact to their advantage and approach the police or the prosecution (District Attorney). If charges must be brought, a plea deal may be offered to lessen the charges. For instance, a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

Client Advocacy

Criminal attorneys in Dubai also represent their clients in court. This implies that they defend their rights and guarantee that they are treated properly. This entails upholding their rights and obtaining the most favorable result for their situation.

Community Service

Criminal defense attorneys frequently engage in pro bono work for their clients. This may involve educating people about the law, assisting victims, or mentoring young people.

Ongoing Client Advice And Support

We ensure that our criminal law attorneys are on call and accessible for emergencies while offering our customers flexible criminal law services.

Representing Clients At Trial Or A Court Hearing

The final area where our UAE criminal attorneys offer assistance is at trial or court hearings. They will aid their clients in getting ready and serve as legal counsel for them throughout the trial. A criminal justice attorney may interview witnesses, offer opening statements, present evidence, and engage in cross-examination if the judge permits.

A conviction could result in serious penalties if you are accused of a minor infraction or a serious crime. The following are examples of possible sentences: the death penalty, life in prison, certain jail periods, judicial custody, court fines, and penalties. A knowledgeable criminal law in Dubai may mean the difference between freedom and incarceration, big financial penalties, and a less significant one. In addition to these potentially severe repercussions, UAE criminal law is complicated.